0250 Judicial Branch
Infrastructure Overview

The Judicial Council facilities consist of the Supreme Court, Appellate Courts, Trial Courts, and the Administrative Office of the Courts. The Supreme Court is located within the San Francisco Civic Center Plaza (98,155 square feet) and the Ronald Reagan State Office Building in Los Angeles (7,598 sf). The Courts of Appeal are organized into six districts, operate in 10 different locations, and consist of 508,386 sf. The Trial Courts are located in 58 counties statewide consisting of more than 500 buildings, 2,100 courtrooms, and approximately 12.5 million (sf) of usable area. The space includes public courtrooms, judges' chambers, staff workspace, storage space, training rooms, and conference rooms. The Administrative Office of the Courts facilities are primarily located in San Francisco (Headquarters), Burbank, and Sacramento and occupy 261,935 sf.

The following table presents total enacted fiscal year expenditures for capital outlay projects.
Expenditures Enacted
Total Expenditures (All Projects)