5225 Corrections and Rehabilitation
Infrastructure Overview

As one of the largest departments in state government, CDCR operates 37 youth and adult correctional facilities and 43 youth and adult camps. CDCR also contracts for multiple adult parolee service centers and community correctional facilities. CDCR operates an adult prisoner/mother facility, adult parole units and sub-units, parole outpatient clinics, licensed general acute care hospitals, regional parole headquarters, licensed correctional treatment centers, hemodialysis clinics, outpatient housing units, a correctional training center, a licensed skilled nursing facility, and a hospice program for the terminally ill. CDCR has six regional accounting offices and leases approximately two million square feet of office space. CDCR's infrastructure includes more than 42 million square feet of building space on more than 24,000 acres of land (37 square miles) statewide.

The following table presents total enacted fiscal year expenditures for capital outlay projects.
Expenditures Enacted
Total Expenditures (All Projects)