8820 Comm on the Status of Women & Girls
Mission Statement

The Commission on the Status of Women and Girls (Commission), a nonpartisan state agency, works in an inclusive manner to promote equality, justice, and well-being for all women and girls in California through education, outreach, and policy work.

The Commission focuses on the needs of women and girls in the overarching areas of health, safety, employment and in the intersections of these policy areas. The Commission focuses on providing nonpartisan, academically sound policy information to elected officials and others to help guide good policy work for women and girls in California. Additionally, the Commission engages in cooperative activities with other state, local, and nonprofit agencies to promote projects that improve the lives of women and girls.

The Commission consists of a 17-member body including the Chief of the Division of Industrial Welfare in the Department of Industrial Relations, three Senators, three Assembly members, and ten public members: seven appointed by the Governor, one by the Superintendent of Public Instruction, one by the Senate Committee on Rules, and one by the Speaker of the Assembly. Public members serve four-year terms and are reimbursed for necessary expenses.