3210 Environmental Protection Program
Mission Statement

The California Environmental Protection Program receives revenue from the sale of personalized motor vehicle license plates by the Department of Motor Vehicles. Revenues are deposited in the California Environmental License Plate Fund. Funds expended pursuant to Division 13.5 of the Public Resources Code must have one or more of the following purposes:

  • The control and abatement of air pollution, including all phases of research into the sources, dynamics and effects of environmental pollutants.
  • The acquisition, preservation, restoration, or any combination thereof, of natural areas or ecological reserves.
  • Environmental education, including formal school programs and informal public education programs.
  • Protection of nongame species and threatened and endangered plants and animals.
  • Protection, enhancement, and restoration of fish and wildlife habitat and related water quality, including review of the potential impact of development activities and land use changes on that habitat.
  • The purchase, on an opportunity basis, of real property consisting of sensitive natural areas for the state park system and for local and regional parks.
  • Reduction or minimization of the effects of soil erosion and the discharge of sediment into the waters of the Lake Tahoe region, including the restoration of disturbed wetlands and stream environment zones.

The appropriations and expenditures for programs and projects funded from the California Environmental License Plate Fund are contained in the budgets of the various state boards, commissions and departments.