0690 Office of Emergency Services
Major Program Changes
  • The Budget proposes $10 million Regional Railroad Accident Preparedness and Immediate Response Fund for the Office of Emergency Services to coordinate with local agencies to better prepare for, and respond to, emergencies involving hazardous materials transported by railroad tank car.

  • The Budget proposes $4.4 million General Fund for the State Operations Center to provide communities with technical guidance and disaster recovery support related to the drought.

  • The Budget proposes $500,000 Restitution Fund to augment the Internet Crimes Against Children Program.

  • The Budget proposes $451,000 Child Victims of Human Trafficking Fund to provide Child Victims of Human Trafficking Fund grants pursuant to Chapter 465 of Statutes of 2011.

  • Chaptered Legislation-The Budget proposes $400,000 American Red Cross, California Chapters Fund to provide American Red Cross, California Chapter Fund revenues collected pursuant to Chapter 451, Statutes of 2013, to the California Chapters of the American Red Cross.