0840 State Controller
Mission Statement

The State Controller is the Chief Fiscal Officer of California, the eighth largest economy in the world, and is principally responsible for accountability of the state's resources. The Controller ensures the appropriate expenditure of -- and accounting for -- every taxpayer dollar, advancing the long-term sustainability and responsible stewardship of California public resources. The Controller chairs or serves on 81 state boards and commissions, and is charged with duties ranging from overseeing the administration of the nation's two largest public pension funds, to protecting our coastline, helping to build hospitals and schools, and modernizing and maintaining California's vast infrastructure. The Controller provides sound fiscal control for, and independent oversight of, more than $100 billion in receipts and disbursements of public funds. In addition, the Controller offers fiscal guidance to local governments, and performs audit functions to uncover fraud and abuse of taxpayer dollars. The Controller's primary objectives are to:

  • Account for and control disbursement of all state funds.
  • Determine legality and accuracy of every claim against the State.
  • Issue warrants in payment of the State's bills including lottery prizes.
  • Administer the Uniform State Payroll System.
  • Audit and process all personnel and payroll transactions for state civil service, exempt employees, and state university and college system employees.
  • Audit state and local government programs.
  • Inform the public of the State's financial condition.
  • Administer the Unclaimed Property Law.
  • Inform the public of financial transactions of city, county and other local governments.