0840 State Controller
Program Descriptions


The Division of Accounting and Reporting maintains uniform and systematic control accounts of all receipts, payments, state fund balances, and bonded indebtedness; reports the financial condition of the state; maintains a database of information and reports on local financial transactions; apportions shared revenues to local governments; administers local mandated cost programs; approves county cost allocation plans; monitors the cash flow of the General Fund; prescribes uniform accounting procedures for presentation of financial data for local governments; administers and collects estate and inheritance taxes; collects delinquent insurance and motor vehicle fuel taxes and petroleum and gas assessments; services and collects loans formerly serviced by the Technology, Trade and Commerce Agency (abolished January 1, 2004); refunds gasoline taxes paid on fuel consumed for off-highway purposes; instructs and advises county tax collectors; maintains the suspended Property Tax Postponement Program for senior and disabled citizens; administers the statewide discharge from accountability program in conjunction with the California Victim Compensation and Government Claims Board; collaborates with the Department of Finance, the Treasurer, and the Department of General Services to develop and implement the Financial Information System for California (FI$Cal) system to ensure best business practices; and participates in offsetting monies owed to the state.