0840 State Controller
Program Descriptions


The Personnel/Payroll Services Division administers the state's payroll, employment history, the automated travel expense reimbursement system, and leave accounting processes in a manner that provides accurate, timely and efficient processing for the users of these systems. The Division pays state employees within the rules of the Uniform State Payroll process; maintains the state's official employment history and leave accounting processes in conformance with the appropriate laws, rules and memorandums of understanding and policies of the participating salary setting authorities; maintains the state's position roster and provides a wide variety of management and user information. The Division works with other entities, e.g., Department of Human Resources, Judicial Council, Department of Finance, and California State University Chancellor's Office, to maximize the efficiency of the state's personnel and payroll functions, while continuing to maintain the highest level and quality of customer service.

The 21st Century Project was initiated to replace existing statewide human resource management systems with a fully integrated solution (MyCalPAYS). The project is currently suspended until a comprehensive project assessment is completed.