0956 Debt Investment Advisory Commission
Program Descriptions


CDIAC's primary objective is to enhance the knowledge of public officials with respect to the administration and issuance of public debt and the investment of public funds. CDIAC achieves this objective by performing functions in three principal areas, including:
  • Data Collection and Analysis - CDIAC serves as a clearinghouse of debt issued by California public entities and nonprofit student loan corporations.
  • Continuing Education - CDIAC provides educational seminars, workshops, and conferences to public officials on municipal debt and public fund investment topics. In addition, CDIAC provides technical assistance to public officials and taxpayers through direct interaction and public forums to disseminate relevant information.
  • Policy Research - CDIAC undertakes original research on the issuance and administration of public debt and on the investment of public funds. Research results are published in the form of reports, issue briefs, or articles and are disseminated in printed and electronic forms.