2720 Dept of the California Highway Patrol
Program Descriptions


The objectives of this program are to minimize deaths, injuries, and property losses due to traffic accidents; to reduce traffic delays to the motoring public; to provide protection and assistance to the motoring public, state employees and property, including protection of the State Capitol and the surrounding grounds, state constitutional officers, and visiting dignitaries; and to curtail the potential for terrorist threats as part of broader state and federal homeland security efforts. These objectives are achieved through both ground and flight operations.


The CHP operates 51 commercial vehicle enforcement facilities statewide with the objectives of:
  • Reducing the incidence of truck and bus accidents attributable to defective vehicle equipment, improper maintenance, loading or securing of cargo, or disqualified drivers.
  • Protecting the public from spills of hazardous materials or specially regulated loads, and from the improper operation of specified vehicles such as ambulances and armored cars.
  • Protecting farm workers transported in farm labor vehicles and children transported in school buses.
  • Ensuring that proper registration fees are paid, and protecting highways from excessive vehicle weights.


This program protects the public from vehicle theft through:
  • Investigation and prosecution of the professional vehicle thief.
  • Assistance and training of CHP and allied agency personnel.
  • Prevention of vehicle theft through public awareness and coordination with the insurance, trucking, construction, auto manufacturing, and auto sale industries.


This program provides services essential for the administration of the Department and its programs, including executive, administrative, legal, legislative, policy, and information support.