3810 Santa Monica Mountains Conservancy
Mission Statement

The Santa Monica Mountains Conservancy acquires, restores, and consolidates lands in the Santa Monica Mountains, Rim of the Valley Trail Corridor, Upper Los Angeles River Watershed, and watersheds of Santa Monica Bay for park, recreation, and conservation purposes. The Conservancy may:

  • Lease, rent, sell, transfer, or exchange lands for park purposes.
  • Award grants or interest free loans to state and local agencies to purchase or restore park, recreation, conservation, or buffer-zone areas to ensure that the character and intensity of development on these lands is generally compatible with and does not adversely impact the environment.
  • Implement programs to improve access from the inner city areas surrounding the Conservancy, thereby providing recreational opportunities for all residents.
  • Manage the Rim of the Valley Trail Corridor recreational trail.

Since department programs drive the need for infrastructure investment, each department has a related capital outlay program to support this need. For the specifics on the Santa Monica Mountains Conservancy's Capital Outlay Program, see "Infrastructure Overview."