3960 Department of Toxic Substances Control
Program Descriptions


The Site Mitigation and Brownfields Reuse program implements the state's laws regarding site cleanup and the federal Superfund program. The program currently oversees approximately 850 hazardous substance release site investigations and cleanups, and monitors long-term operations and maintenance activities at more than 375 sites where the cleanup process is complete. Additionally, the program is responsible for ensuring compliance with the terms of 760 land-use restrictions in place on properties throughout the state.

New sites are identified through surveillance and enforcement efforts, emergency response activities, examination of other previously-identified potential sites, and public and private entities that voluntarily request that the Department take action to return local properties to productive use. These sites and projects include cleaning up federal and state Superfund properties, abandoned mines, other abandoned and underutilized properties known as ''brownfields,'' and both active and closed military installations.

The program oversees environmental assessments and the clean-up of proposed new or expanding school sites to prevent or reduce exposing students and staff to hazardous substances. The program is also responsible for the Stringfellow Hazardous Waste Site, a former hazardous waste disposal site and federal Superfund Site.

The program works closely with other state agencies, the United States Environmental Protection Agency, and local agencies throughout the state to establish and implement viable grant and loan programs to aid in the assessment and clean-up of brownfields sites.

The program works with the California Emergency Management Agency and other state agencies to assure response readiness for acts of terrorism involving the use of toxic chemicals. Additionally, the program mitigates off-highway hazardous waste spills and responds to hazardous waste contamination resulting from illegal drug laboratories.