4265 Department of Public Health
Major Program Changes
  • The Governor's Budget includes $21.8 million from the State Department of Public Health Licensing and Certification Program Fund and 237 positions to meet state and federal licensing and certification workload and implement quality improvement projects within the Licensing and Certification Program. In addition, the Budget includes $9.5 million to augment the Los Angeles County Contract to allow the County to complete high-priority federal and state workload; and, $378,000 and 3 state positions to provide onsite oversight, training, and quality improvement activities in Los Angeles County.

  • The Governor's Budget includes two proposals to improve the oversight of food safety: (1) $716,000 from the Food Safety Fund and 4 positions to implement food safety transportation enforcement activities as a result of a court judgment (The People of the State of California v. Sysco Corporation), and (2) $804,000 from the Food Safety Fund and 6 positions to review new applications and conduct statutorily-mandated inspections of food processors and distributors.

  • The Governor's Budget includes $5 million from the Indian Gaming Special Distribution Fund and 2 positions to make the California Gambling Education and Treatment Services regional pilot program permanent to continue to address problem gambling.