5180 Department of Social Services
Major Program Changes
  • Community Care Licensing: The Budget includes $3 million General Fund and 28.5 positions to address a backlog of complaints, expand training, and provide additional technical assistance. Beginning in January 2017, the Department will begin increasing the frequency of facility inspections.

  • Continuum of Care Reform: The Budget proposes $9.6 million ($7 million General Fund) to increase foster family agency social worker rates and improve foster parent recruitment, retention, and training efforts.

  • CalWORKs: The Budget reflects the full year cost ($174.6 million) of the 5-percent increase to Maximum Aid Payment levels that becomes effective April 1, 2015. $101.3 million in 1991-92 Realignment funding is available to fund the grant increase, and a $73.3 million General Fund augmentation is included to fund the remaining costs.

  • In-Home Supportive Services: The Budget proposes to restore the current 7-percent across-the-board reduction in service hours, effective July 1, 2015, using a portion of tax revenues paid by managed care organizations. The cost to restore the 7-percent reduction is estimated to be $483.1 million in 2015-16.

  • CMIPS II: The Budget includes an increase of $48.8 million ($24.7 million General Fund) in 2014-15 to fund an increase in costs for the Case Management, Information, and Payrolling System II (CMIPS II). The system provides case management functionality for the IHSS Program. The additional costs are primarily driven by recent statutory changes that require overtime pay for IHSS providers.