7300 Agricultural Labor Relations Board
Program Descriptions


The main objective of the Office of the Board is to administer, interpret, and enforce the Agricultural Labor Relations Act (Act). The Office of the Board holds evidentiary hearings and adjudicates disputes in unfair labor practice cases, as well as disputes arising out of representation elections. The Office of the Board also administers the mandatory mediation law and is vested with the authority to promulgate regulations to implement the Act. The Board, where appropriate, conducts education and outreach activities.


The General Counsel is the Agency's chief prosecutor. The responsibility of the General Counsel's office is to enforce the Act, supervise and coordinate personnel in regional offices who are responsible for conducting elections, investigating unfair labor practice charges, prosecuting unfair labor practice cases, settling or dismissing cases where appropriate, and seeking compliance with final Board orders. The General Counsel's office supervises and oversees trials before administrative law judges and litigation before administrative law judges, the Board and, when necessary, the Superior Courts and Courts of Appeal. The General Counsel's office also conducts education and outreach activities.