7350 Department of Industrial Relations
Program Descriptions


The objectives of this program include: (1) interpretation and enforcement of sections of the Labor Code which relate to wages, hours of work, and conditions of employment, including anti-retaliation laws relating to employees engaged in protected activities, as well as implementing Industrial Welfare Commission Wage Orders (as applicable); (2) determination and collection of unpaid wages; (3) licensing of farm labor contractors, industrial homework firms, talent agencies, the registration of garment manufacturers, the certification of studio teachers, the registration of car washing and polishing businesses, the registration of entities and individuals using minors in door-to-door sales, the issuance of permits for the employment of minors in the entertainment industry, and permits to individuals representing or providing services to minors in the entertainment industry; (4) field enforcement of laws governing public works, workers' compensation insurance, child labor, unlicensed contractors, oversight of rules governing meals and rest periods, the payment of overtime and minimum wage, the licensing of specific industries, and the payment of wages without required deductions; (5) vigorous and targeted enforcement in partnership with state and federal agencies against unscrupulous businesses participating in the "underground economy"; (6) under the administrative direction of DIR's Office of the Director, administration of the prevailing wage program, to determine and publish prevailing wage rates for public works projects; (7) enforcement of apprenticeship related requirements relative to public works projects; and (8) management of the Electrician Certification Program that tests for the minimum standards for competency and training for electricians in California.