7760 Department of General Services
Program Descriptions


Centralized responsibilities for leasing, planning, acquisition, design, construction, maintenance, and operation are needed to ensure quality, avoid redundancy, and deliver property and facilities at the lowest possible cost. This is achieved by: (a) Providing adequate space for state operations at a cost below that which each agency could provide for itself; (b) Assuring protection of lives and property in public buildings through progressive design and proactive construction inspection; (c) Selecting the most qualified firms (both internal and external) to design and construct high quality facilities for other state departments to deliver their programs to the citizens of California; (d) Acquiring, managing, and disposing of real property assets for state agencies, and providing public service facilities with economy of operations and uniform practices for protecting the public's interests and ensuring equitable treatment of private property owners; (e) Preserving the state's capital investment in building, grounds, and equipment through an efficient and effective centralized maintenance and operations program; and providing state-wide sustainability, energy efficiency and clean renewable energy generation programs.