8120 Peace Officer Standards, Training Comm
Program Descriptions


The Training Program increases the competence of law enforcement personnel by developing and certifying courses that meet identified training needs. This activity requires scheduling and quality control of such courses, and assisting law enforcement agencies in presenting necessary training and career development programs to their officers. The Commission assesses training on a continuing basis to ensure that evolving training needs are met. The curricula cover a wide variety of topics necessary to satisfy statutory and regulatory mandates, maintain competence in police work, and address the training needs of law enforcement agency personnel. Curricula content is updated regularly. The Program also presents advanced training for law enforcement supervisors and executives through its Command College and the Supervisory Leadership Institute, and for trainers through the Basic Academy Instructor Certificate Program and the Instructor Development Institute. Other specialty programs include the Institute of Criminal Investigation.

Job-related selection and training standards for peace officers and dispatchers, established by the Standards Program, are enforced through inspections of local agencies receiving state aid to ensure they are adhering to minimum state standards.