8955 Department of Veterans Affairs
Program Descriptions


The CalVet Home Loan Program offers veterans, meeting specified requirements, loans to purchase, construct, or rehabilitate new or existing single family dwellings, which include condominiums, units in shared equity cooperative housing developments, mobile homes, and farms. The CalVet also offers Home Improvement Loans to active CalVet customers or homeowners who own their homes free of debt.


The Veteran Services Division provides service and assistance to California's veterans, dependents, and survivors. Programs administered consist of: Veterans Dependents Educational Assistance Program, County Veterans Service Office Program, Veterans Outreach Program, Medi-Cal Cost Avoidance Program, Veterans Claims and Appeals Representation, State Veteran Cemeteries, United States Department of Veterans Affairs Joint Claims Initiative, California State Approving Agency for Veterans Education, Disabled Veteran Business Enterprise Program, Veterans Mental Health Program, Homeless Veterans Outreach Program, and the Veterans License Plate Program. California, with approximately 1.9 million veterans, represents 8.4 percent of the nation's total veteran population.


CalVet operates eight licensed long term care facilities which provide affordable, quality long term care to all eligible veterans and their spouses. The Veterans Homes also provide therapeutic care and rehabilitative services to help increase activities of daily living and independent function. The primary objectives of these Veterans Homes are:

  • The Veterans Home of California, Barstow offers skilled nursing, intermediate, and domiciliary care.
  • The Veterans Home of California, Chula Vista offers skilled nursing, residential care for the elderly, and domiciliary care.
  • The Veterans Home of California, Fresno offers skilled nursing, including memory care, and residential care for the elderly.
  • The Veterans Home of California, Greater Los Angeles and Ventura County (GLAVC), includes three main campuses: West Los Angeles (WLA), Lancaster, and Ventura. All three offer residential care for the elderly. The WLA campus also offers skilled nursing care, including memory care, and domiciliary care in the form of a transitional housing program.
  • The Veterans Home of California, Redding offers skilled nursing, including memory care, and residential care.
  • The Veterans Home of California, Yountville is the largest veterans home in the United States. It offers all four levels of care: skilled nursing, intermediate, residential care for the elderly, and domiciliary care. The skilled nursing also includes a memory care facility with a supervised environment.


This program is responsible for the beautification and enhancement of the California Mexican American Veterans Memorial on state grounds through private contributions. The money in the fund is continuously appropriated, without regard to fiscal year.

This program also supports the Veterans Registry, which is part of the California Veterans Memorial. The provided contributions help to defray the costs of data entry and system management for the Registry and the reasonable costs that are incurred by the CalVet for administering the fund.


This program provides for the executive management of the CalVet's full range of programs and administrative support. Functions include budgeting, accounting, personnel, and business services. These costs are distributed to the major programs.