0650 Office of Planning and Research
Program Descriptions


The Council coordinates interagency efforts and partners with local and regional government stakeholders to promote sustainable development, improving air and water quality, protecting natural resources and agricultural lands, and reducing greenhouse gas emissions. The Council administers the Affordable Housing and Sustainable Communities Program and the Sustainable Agricultural Lands Conservation Program, developing guidelines, reviewing applications, and providing funding as part of greenhouse gas reduction efforts associated with cap and trade funds. The Council also administers a pilot technical assistance program for the Affordable Housing and Sustainable Communities Program to support the development of projects in disadvantaged communities that maximize greenhouse gas reductions. The Council is charged with review of the California 5-Year Infrastructure plan and with making grants and loans to institutions for planning and implementing land uses that achieve the goals of the State's Planning Priorities. The Council oversees the Administration's Health in All Policies program, sponsors research on infill development, conservation, and other planning issues, and is the administrator for the Greenhouse Gas Reduction Investment program for Affordable Housing and Sustainable Communities.