1111 Department of Consumer Affairs, Bureaus
Mission Statement

The Department of Consumer Affairs (Department) is responsible for promoting and protecting the interests of millions of California consumers by serving as a guardian and advocate for their health, safety, and economic well-being and by promoting legal and ethical standards of professional conduct. The Department helps to promote good business practices and to ensure that California's consumers receive quality services by establishing minimal competency standards for approximately 250 classifications involving approximately three million professionals. The Department is also an important advocate on consumer and business issues. In general, the Department's Boards and Bureaus provide exams and licensing, enforcement, complaint resolution, and education for consumers.

In addition, centralized services are provided by the Department for efficiency. Specifically, Department staff investigate complaints against licensees; develop valid examinations for applicants for licensure; monitor and advocate for legislation; provide consumer education and outreach; provide legal and audit services; and provide general administrative support involving personnel, budgeting, accounting, purchasing, and space management.

Effective Fiscal Year 2016-17, the Department will no longer be separated into two business units, and will instead be displayed under one business unit, 1111.

There are currently 26 Boards, two committees, and one commission under the broad authority of the Department, and 10 Bureaus and one certification program under the direct oversight of the Department.

Additional information on the Department, and the various boards and bureaus, is available at www.dca.ca.gov.