3760 State Coastal Conservancy
Mission Statement

The State Coastal Conservancy develops and implements projects to protect, restore and enhance natural, recreational, and economic resources along California's coast, coastal watersheds, the ocean, and within the San Francisco Bay Area. The Coastal Conservancy supports implementation of the San Francisco Bay Area Conservancy Program and the Santa Ana River Conservancy Program. Through direct funding and grants to local agencies and nonprofit organizations, the Coastal Conservancy supports projects that:

  • Protect and enhance the natural environment, agricultural lands, scenic lands and urban waterfronts along the Coast and around San Francisco Bay.
  • Increase public access to the coast and San Francisco Bay
  • Build trails and increase outdoor recreational opportunities.
  • Prepare for and reduce the unavoidable impacts of climate change on the coastal region and San Francisco Bay Area.
  • Support education programs about coastal resources for kindergarten through grade 12.

Since department programs drive the need for infrastructure investment, each department has a related capital outlay program to support this need. For the specifics on the State Coastal Conservancy's Capital Outlay Program, see "Infrastructure Overview."