3860 Department of Water Resources
Program Descriptions


The California Water Plan is the state's strategic plan for the efficient use, management and development of the state's water resources. The Plan is updated every five years and provides a framework for water managers, legislators, and the public to consider options and make decisions regarding California's water future. The Plan evaluates current and future water conditions, challenges and opportunities. It presents basic data and information on California's water resources including water supply evaluations and assessments of existing and future agricultural, urban, and environmental water uses. The Plan identifies and evaluates multiple future scenarios and over 30 resource management strategies such as conservation, recycling, desalination, transfers, storage, conveyance, water quality, watershed management, ecosystem restoration, and urban land use management to help meet future demands in light of uncertainties and unexpected catastrophic events. This program also identifies ways for the state to: (1) help local agencies and governments prepare integrated regional water management plans on a watershed basis and diversify their regional water portfolios to ensure sustainable water uses, reliable water supplies, better water quality, environmental stewardship, efficient urban development, protection of agriculture, and a strong economy, (2) help cities, counties and local agencies prepare a Water Element for their General Plans, Urban Water Management Plans and Agricultural Water Management Plans, and (3) help local agencies and tribal governments improve coordination between water and land use planning.