4100 State Council-Developmental Disabilities
Program Descriptions


Thirteen Regional Offices and Regional Advisory Committees provide administrative support and assist with advocacy, training, coordination, and implementation of State Plan objectives in Council Regions throughout California. These offices and advisory committees provide information and data to the Council to assess regional needs and implementation of the State Plan and for inclusion in reports to the federal government and the Legislature.

In addition to implementation of State Plan activities, Regional Office staff support the following activities to improve and enhance the availability and quality of services for residents of state developmental centers and state-operated community facilities:
  • Individualized advocacy services through volunteers recruited by Council staff for individuals who have no legally appointed representative to assist them in making choices and decisions.

  • Clients' rights advocacy services to ensure that laws, regulations, and policies pertaining to the rights of persons with developmental disabilities are observed.

  • Quality Assessments for individuals who receive community residential services and support.