4300 Department of Developmental Services
Major Program Changes
  • Transition of Developmental Center Consumers to the Community-The Budget includes $78.8 million General Fund to support community development of resources necessary for the transition of existing developmental center residents to the community.

  • Community Services-The Budget includes an increase of $63 million ($39 million General Fund) to support additional case managers for regional center operations and a rate adjustment for Alternative Residential Model homes.

  • Home and Community-Based Services Waiver-The Budget includes $17.1 million ($12.2 million General Fund) to support statewide efforts to identify areas of noncompliance with the revised Home and Community-Based Services Waiver regulations, and begin corrective actions to meet the March 2019 compliance deadline.

  • Department of Developmental Services Oversight-The Budget includes resources to improve oversight of developmental services: (1) $952,000 total funds and 7 positions to establish a Fiscal and Program Research Unit, and (2) $923,000 total funds to permanently establish additional staff for vendor audits.