6100 Department of Education
Program Descriptions


Instructional Support provides resources to complement the Instruction Program. The following elements are included in this program:

Curriculum Services:
Provides materials and resources for curriculum planning and development in language arts, mathematics, science, history-social science, foreign language, visual and performing arts, health, nutrition, safety, physical education, and environmental/energy education. Provides funding for the use of educational technology in schools and Rural and Low Income Schools Grants.

"Now is the Time" Advancing Wellness and Resilience in Education:
Provides federal funding to develop a comprehensive, coordinated, and integrated partnership with multiple service systems to help address critical mental health needs of California's kindergarten through grade twelve students.

Administrative Services to Local Educational Agencies:
Provides leadership, guidance, and technical expertise to schools to manage and improve operations, more efficiently use scarce resources, and publish specified documents.

Supplementary Program Services:
Identifies, develops, and disseminates innovative and exemplary programs and practices to schools and aids in the development of alternative educational options. Examples include Foster Youth Services, Career Technical Education Programs, and Specialized Secondary Programs.

Public Charter Schools:
Public charter schools are created or organized by a group of teachers, parents, community leaders or a community-based organization, and provide instruction in any combination of grades, kindergarten through grade twelve.

Includes the California Assessment of Student Performance and Progress Program, which provides funding to districts for assessments, the English Language Development Test, and Advanced Placement Test Fee Waivers.