6120 State Library
Program Descriptions


The State Library Services (SLS) program serves as the central reference and research library for the Governor, the State Legislature, and state government officials and staff. The SLS also provides library services to the public by making available collections and services in its branch libraries and special collections. The SLS gathers, catalogs, preserves and protects information and materials so they may be easily used.

The interlibrary loan service supplements the collections of California libraries. The SLS answers reference and informational questions for local libraries. The SLS collects and makes accessible current and historical federal, state, and local publications. The SLS also coordinates the distribution of state and federal publications to libraries.

Through the Braille and Talking Book Library, a regional library designated by the Library of Congress National Library Service for the Blind and Physically Handicapped, the SLS provides Braille and recorded books (records and cassettes) and special playback equipment to blind and physically disabled residents of Northern California who are unable to use standard print materials.

The Bernard E. Witkin State Law Library contains primary and secondary sources in American law, federal and state appellate court opinions, session laws, codes and statutes, federal agency decisions, and attorney general opinions of the U.S. and fifty-five jurisdictions.

The California Research Bureau (CRB) provides nonpartisan analytical research and specialized library services on major state issues for both houses of the Legislature, the Governor's Office and other constitutional officers.


The Library Development Services (LDS) program provides state and federal financial assistance to libraries and provides technical consulting assistance to help local libraries extend and improve services to residents. LDS also provides oversight and implementation of the following programs:

  • The California Library Services Act, which promotes resource sharing among public libraries in the state.

  • The California Library Literacy and English Acquisition Services Program, which provides community-centered literacy assistance to English-speaking adults.

  • The federal Library Services and Technology Act, which provides grants to libraries of all types on a competitive basis for (a) developing new and innovative library services, (b) providing technology assistance, (c) engaging in networking and resource sharing, and (d) providing library services to underserved populations.

  • The Statewide Broadband Services, which helps public libraries connect to a high-speed internet network.


The Information Technology Services program supports technology operations and infrastructure, including the integrated bibliographic library system, network infrastructure, data communications, and computer systems and applications.