7350 Department of Industrial Relations
Major Program Changes
  • Division of Labor Standards Enforcement Staffing - The Budget includes an increase of $5 million Labor Enforcement and Compliance Fund and 28.5 positions to address a significant increase in the number of cases within the Retaliation Complaints Investigation Unit and a growing backlog of hearings in the Wage Claim Adjudication Unit.

  • Private Attorney General Act Resources - The Budget includes an increase of $1.4 million Labor and Workforce Development Fund and 9 positions to review and investigate Private Attorney General Act cases. This also includes resources to review settlements to determine if they are consistent with the intent of the Act.

  • Enhanced Enforcement and Compliance - The Budget includes an increase of $6 million various special funds and 33.5 positions (including limited-term funding for 11 positions) to address increased workload created by 10 bills passed during the 2015-16 Legislative Session. New requirements include oversight of additional projects now considered "public works," the creation of a drug formulary for the state's workers' compensation system, and expanded enforcement activities against employers who, in violation of a court order, fail to pay back wages owed to employees.