7502 Department of Technology
Program Descriptions


The Department maintains up-to-date policies for IT activities to ensure the state adopts and uses best practices in IT management. The Department develops annually the California Information Technology Strategic Plan, establishes statewide IT policies and standards, facilitates the development and implementation of enterprise initiatives, and maintains a governance structure to address issues and concerns that arise as part of technology deployment.

The Department ensures that project-specific decisions are consistent with the state's policies and direction for IT development, including project management, oversight, and risk mitigation. The Department also ensures the coordination and collaboration of enterprise and other multi-department IT efforts, as well as standardization of project management processes and performance metrics, to facilitate the uniform assessment of project performance.

The Office of Technology Services (OTech) provides IT services to state, federal, and local government entities throughout California. Through the use of a scalable, reliable, and secure statewide network, combined with voice and data technologies, OTech delivers computing, networking, e-mail, and cloud services.

Within the Department, the Office of Information Security is the primary state government authority responsible for ensuring the protection of state information, as well as the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of state systems and applications.


The objective of the Administration program is to provide overall management, planning, policy development, and internal administrative support services.