7870 Victim Compensation,Government Claims Bd
Mission Statement

The governing body of the Victim Compensation Board (VCB) consists of three members: the Secretary of the Government Operations Agency who serves as the chair, the State Controller, and a public member appointed by the Governor. The VCB provides responsive financial compensation to remedy the financial burdens of victims of crime through a stable Restitution Fund. The primary objectives of the VCB are to:

  • Compensate victims of violent crime and eligible family members for certain crime-related financial losses.
  • Determine the eligibility of individuals for compensation for pecuniary injury sustained through erroneous conviction and imprisonment.
  • Process claims for the Missing Children Reward Program to assist local law enforcement agencies or other parties involved in the identification and recovery of missing children in California.
  • Process claims through the Good Samaritan Program to private citizens who are injured rescuing another person, preventing a crime, or assisting a law enforcement officer.