8885 Commission on State Mandates
Program Descriptions


The Commission carries out the following statutory duties:
  • Hears and decides test claims alleging that the Legislature or a state agency imposed a reimbursable state-mandated program upon local agencies and school districts; and when a test claim is approved, adopts the subsequent parameters and guidelines and formulates a statewide cost estimate.
  • Hears and decides requests to review claiming instructions alleging that the State Controller has adopted claiming instructions that are inconsistent with the Commission's decisions on the test claim or parameters and guidelines.
  • Hears and decides claims alleging that the State Controller has incorrectly reduced payments to local agencies and school districts.
  • Hears and decides requests to adopt a new test claim decision to supersede a previously adopted test claim decision upon a showing that the state's liability for that decision pursuant to subdivision (a) of section 6 of Article XIII B of the California Constitution has been modified based on a subsequent change in law.
  • Determines the existence of significant financial distress for applicant counties that seek to reduce their General Assistance standards of aid.