0650 Office of Planning & Research
Program Descriptions


The major activities of the Office include: (1) recommending and implementing state policies with regard to land-use and growth planning; (2) coordinating the implementation of the California Environmental Quality Act, including: (a) operating the State Clearinghouse; (b) developing guidelines; (c) providing technical assistance; and (d) providing training; (3) serving as the Military Affairs Advisor and liaison; (4) providing policy research for the Governor and Cabinet; (5) providing technical advice to local governments with regard to land use planning and compliance with environmental statutes and regulations; (6) staffing the Strategic Growth Council; (7) preparing guidelines to local agency formation commissions; and (8) conducting other activities as the Governor may direct.


California Volunteers is charged with increasing the number and impact of Californians involved with service and volunteering throughout the state. California Volunteers administers programs such as AmeriCorps and Citizen Corps, guides policy development to support the nonprofit and service fields, and is responsible for the California Volunteer Matching Network (featured on CaliforniaVolunteers.org), which matches Californians with volunteer opportunities in their communities. Through the efforts of California Volunteers, Californians of all ages and abilities are provided ongoing opportunities to volunteer, to become better prepared to respond in emergencies and disasters, and ultimately, to embrace a lifetime ethic of service.