0977 Health Facilities Financing Authority
Mission Statement

The mission of the California Health Facilities Financing Authority (CHFFA) is to help eligible and credit worthy nonprofit and public health facilities reduce their cost of capital, and promote important California health access, health care improvement and cost containment objectives by providing cost-effective tax-exempt bond, low-cost loan, and direct grant programs.

CHFFA issues revenue bonds to assist eligible private nonprofit corporations or associations, counties, and hospital districts in financing or refinancing the construction or acquisition cost of health facilities or equipment. CHFFA also administers the Children's Hospital Program established by Proposition 61 of 2004 and Proposition 3 of 2008, the Cedillo-Alarcon Clinic Grant Program of 2000, the Anthem WellPoint Grant Program of 2004, the Health Expansion Loan Program II ("HELP II"), and the California Health Access Model Program of 2012 ("CHAMP").

CHFFA was established by Chapter 1033, Statutes of 1979, and consists of nine members: the State Treasurer, the Director of the Department of Finance, the State Controller, two public members appointed by the Senate, two public members appointed by the Assembly, and two public members appointed by the Governor.