1750 Horse Racing Board
Mission Statement

Effective July 1, 2013, the Governor's Reorganization Plan No. 2 of 2012 creates the Business, Consumer Services, and Housing Agency and, as part of the plan, moves the California Horse Racing Board (previously budgeted within General Government under Organization Code 8550) to this new Agency (Business, Consumer Services, and Housing).

The California Horse Racing Board regulates parimutuel wagering for the protection of the public and promotes the horse racing and breeding industries.

Jurisdiction and supervision over meetings in California where horse races with wagering on their results are held, and over all things having to do with the operation of such meetings, are vested in the seven-member California Horse Racing Board, who are appointed by the Governor. Principal activities of the Board include:

  • Protecting the public's interests.
  • Licensing of racing associations and participants in the racing industry.
  • Enforcing laws, rules, and regulations pertaining to horse racing in California.
  • Acting as a quasi-judicial body in matters pertaining to horse racing meets.
  • Encouraging agriculture and the breeding of horses in the state.
  • Collecting the State's lawful share of revenue derived from horse racing meets.
  • Tabulating, analyzing, and publishing statistical racing information.
  • Conducting research to determine the cause and prevention of horse racing accidents and the effects of drug substances on horses, and to detect foreign drug substances.