3720 Coastal Commission
Program Descriptions


The objectives of the Coastal Management Program are to implement coastal resources conservation through planning and regulation. Activities include:
  • Reviewing and approval of local coastal programs (LCPs), port master plans, university long-range development plans, and any amendments to such plans, for consistency with the Coastal Act.
  • Reviewing coastal development permit applications for new development in areas without a certified LCP, areas of permanently retained jurisdiction (e.g., tidelands, submerged lands, and public trust lands) and limited categories of local coastal development permit actions that can be appealed to the Commission.
  • Monitoring and enforcement of coastal development permits.
  • Reviewing federal activities for consistency with the Coastal Act.
  • Protecting and expanding opportunities for public coastal access and recreation.
  • Implementing a coastal water quality protection program.
  • Providing technical information and assistance to support effective coastal management.
  • Implementing a coastal and ocean resource public education program.


The Coastal Energy Program addresses coastal energy issues including, but not limited to, offshore oil and gas development, electricity generating power plant expansion and development, and siting and development of liquefied natural gas facilities.


The objective of the Administration Program is to provide administrative support including accounting, budgeting, business services, support services, information technology, and human resources services to other departmental programs.