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0981 California ABLE Act Board

The California Achieving a Better Life Experience Act Board was established by Chapter 796, Statutes of 2015 (SB 324), to create a statewide Qualified ABLE Program, to assist individuals and families with saving private funds for the purpose of supporting persons with disabilities to maintain their health, independence, and quality of life.

The Board consists of the State Treasurer (Chair), the Director of Finance, the Controller, the Director of Developmental Services, the Chairperson of the State Council on Developmental Disabilities, the Director of Rehabilitation, and the Chair of the State Independent Living Council. More.....

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Refer to the Program Descriptions for a description of programs operated by this state agency.

The following identifies budget documents for this state agency that are available in a printable (pdf) format.

Entire California ABLE Act Board Budget (pdf * - 5K) in pdf format.
This document provides a printable format (pdf) of all budget information for this state agency. Note: Along with other information, this document includes the documents listed below.

Detail of Appropriations and Adjustments ONLY (pdf * - 1K)
This document provides a printable format (pdf) of only the detail of appropriations and adjustments for this state agency.

Legal Citations and Authority
Includes the legal citations (state statutes, federal statutes, and court orders) for operation of department programs and activities.