Higher Education
6610 California State University

The California State University (CSU) is comprised of 23 campuses. All campuses offer undergraduate and graduate instruction for professional and occupational goals and liberal education programs. For undergraduate programs, each campus requires a basic program of general education, regardless of the major selected by the student. In addition to master's-level graduate programs, the CSU offers doctorate programs in education, nursing practice, and physical therapy, as well as a limited number of doctoral degrees offered jointly with the University of California and with private California institutions. More.....

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The following table presents total proposed budget year positions and expenditures for each budgeted program area. These expenditures include all funding sources that support the state agency's programs.
Code Program
5560 Support
Totals, Positions and Expenditures (excluding Infrastructure)
Infrastructure Expenditures
Totals, Positions and All Expenditures

Refer to the Program Descriptions for a description of programs operated by this state agency.

Refer to the 3-Yr Expenditures & Positions for expenditures, positions, and funding detail.

Refer to the Infrastructure Overview for infrastructure expenditure detail.

The following identifies budget documents for this state agency that are available in a printable (pdf) format.

Entire California State University Budget (pdf * - 655K) in pdf format.
This document provides a printable format (pdf) of all budget information for this state agency. Note: Along with other information, this document includes the documents listed below.

Detail of Appropriations and Adjustments ONLY (pdf * - 3K)
This document provides a printable format (pdf) of only the detail of appropriations and adjustments for this state agency.

Legal Citations and Authority
Includes the legal citations (state statutes, federal statutes, and court orders) for operation of department programs and activities.

3-Year Expenditures and Positions (pdf * - 126K)
This table displays expenditures and positions for past, current, and budget years.

Detailed Expenditures by Program (pdf * - 130K)
This table displays detailed expenditures by program.

Enrollment and Number of Full-Time Equivalent Students (pdf * - 128K)
This table displays total annual headcount and Full-Time Equivalent Students for California State University by undergraduate, postbaccalaureate, and graduate levels.

Student Fees (Whole Dollars) (pdf * - 126K)
This table displays annual student fee levels for California State University students by resident, undergraduate or graduate, and full-time or part-time status.

Schedule of Higher Education Fees and Income (pdf * - 126K)
This table displays total annual income for California State University by fee category.